Beautiful bellies in bloom. Wrinkly little bundles that melt the heart. Pitter patter of tiny feet exploring the world.

Oh how I absolutely adore them! I can’t quite explain it fully but something just draws me to capture the beautiful (and fleeting!) moments of an expectant mommy and that wee bundle of joy.

First, you need to know that your bumps are simply amazing and expectant moms can be gorgeous. My craft is to capture that stunning image of you in blossom. Do not think for a moment that since the two blue stripes greeted you, you had been getting ‘fat’. Oh, banish the thought – what you’re getting in fact are beautiful curves, which ought to be cherished and celebrated!

Second, this precious miracle you coo and cuddle will suddenly transform into a toddler, an 8-year-old and march straight into teenhood!  The days are long and the years are short. I know because it happened to me. You will still love the child to bits of course but time really flies. You’d need, especially in the first year of its life, to capture the fascinating change from a wrinkly pink bundle to a walking and yabbering creature.  As for newborn session, these are best done within 5 to 10 days of birth so please make arrangements for the session early.

Truth be told, the best photographer for your child is really the person that he/she is always with – the person who is there to witness the exciting milestones – that first smile, that first sit-up, that first bite of solid (carrot – yuck!) and that first gingerly step. This person is you. So remember mommies, have your camera with you all the time!

Oh yes, how about the daddies I hear you ask. Er…to be honest, you often end up as props. I’m working on repentance and am endeavoring to hold you in the same regard as mommies. Really.

Finally, there is one confession I need to make – I love to coax mommies and newborns into showing lots of skin as bare skin is simply the most breathtaking and exquisite piece of fabric. But don’t worry, we’d never do anything you’re not comfortable with – I work with you on ideas and options to create images that you’d cherish for life. Here’s my gallery and I hope you enjoy savouring the images served!

Warmest regards & big hugs, Irene

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