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Irene Chen


Master Photographer Specializing in Maternity & Babies in Malaysia

Irene is an award-winning photographer specializing in the art of capturing bellies, babies and children.  Every piece of image crafted with love and a fierce passion to create meaningful and lasting memories of these precious moments that last only a while.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Irene’s work is captivating and displays a high level of artistry and creativity.  She is the only photographer in Malaysia that holds the qualification of an Associate in the Masters Photographer Association UK (AMPA) in the category of babies.  She is also the first female AMPA in the country.  The Associate qualification demands a high level of craftsmanship and individual creativity and to date, only a handful of photographers in the world have qualified. 

Irene started sharing her work with the world in 2016 and walked away with more than 30 awards from international competitions held in the UK, US and Asia.  The many international awards won sealed Irene’s position as one of the world’s leading photographic artist in this genre. Highlights of her awards:

  • MPA 1st place UK Newborn OS (2017)
  • WPPI 1st place Newborn (1H 2016 US)
  • PPAC 1st place Children (1H 2016 China)
  • WPPA 2nd place Maternity (2016 Asia)
  • MPA Black & White Award of Excellence (2016 UK)


Baby Javen at 9 days young

Baby Javen at 9 days young


Irene Chen works magic from behind her lens, she captures sweetest memories and moments to preserve for posterity! Plus she’s one of the sweetest human beings on the face of this earth :)
— Angelina Ong, Belgium
“Irene shot pictures of our three-year-old daughter. We had a lot of fun and the pictures really captured our daughter’s personality!
— Rachel Hoekema, Washington

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